Auth: Requested permissions are too broad

Hi, I’m new to JuliaPro, just installed it and wanted to play with. When trying to add some packages (specifically Modia:, JuliaPro initiates the authentication flow, which results in receiving the following message on GitHub:

Julia Computing by Julia Computing
would like additional permissions to

Organizations and teams
Read-only access

This application will be able to read your organization, team membership, and private project boards.

Why would Julia Computing need to access my organizational and team information as well as private project boards on GitHub? This is very strange, to say the least. I would appreciate any clarifications.

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That additional permission bit for organization and teams was not necessary for downloading packages. We have removed it now. Looks like there was a misconfiguration during one of our recent server updates.

If you already accepted the permissions, you may revoke them from GitHub settings page (GitHub -> Settings -> Applications -> Authorized OAuth Apps).

Thanks for pointing that out!

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Hi Tanmay,

Understood. You’re welcome! Thank you for your prompt feedback.


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