Attobot did not delete a PR when I removed the tag

Hi guys!

I submitted yesterday a package to METADATA ( and, after some discussion, I decided to move it from my personal account to an Organization. Hence, I deleted the tag and transferred the project. However, attobot did not removed the PR. Now, after the new tag, I have two open pull requests ( Question: Did I do something wrong? Can anyone delete the first PR please (



@kristoffer.carlsson wow! This was fast :slight_smile: Thanks!

Btw, I have another question, maybe someone can help me, I would like to move another package from my personal repo to that organization. This is already registered (ReferenceFrameRotations). What is the right way to do this?

Just do it, and then submit a PR to METADATA that updates the URL for the package.

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When you do the transfer, references to the old repo are automatically forwarded to the new one. So go ahead and make the transfer first, since it won’t break anything, and then submit a (manual) PR to METADATA.jl which updates the URL.

Cheers, Kevin

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Thanks guys!