Move github repository of a registered julia package

I would like to move a registered package from my github account to a github organization. Can I just submit a pull request where I change the url file in METADATA.jl accordingly or are there additional steps that have to be taken care of?


Make sure you use the “Transfer ownership” option on github to move the package. That will take care of some URL forwarding subtleties. After that you can just submit a PR to METADATA where you update the URL as you described.

Other than that you may want to check if you have some readme badges or CI settings to update.


Great! Thank you for the fast answer.

Sorry, need help here. I transferred a package to an organization but now I can’t find how to update the URL in METADATA.

If I go to my METADATA fork I do not see my package (GMT) on the list. So I don’t understand how I can submit a PR there.

If I try via my local METADATA than I don’t know where to push the commit upstream.

Thanks for any help

Actually, by following instructions for manual package registration I was able to make my package visible in METADATA and submitted a PR. Let’s hope that that’s how it works.

I have the same question but this old thread is presumably no longer applicable ( is gone).

If I transfer ownership of a registered pkg repo, what changes do I need to make to General.jl. Is it enough to tag a new release with the new url, say from juliahub?

There is documentation nowadays on how to transfer: GitHub - JuliaRegistries/General: The official registry of general Julia packages