Attach boilerplate code to vscode cell start and end [Feature idea]

Hey julianners,
I am just curious whether is it possible to create a mechnaism that could be overrideable for julia vscode plugin.

I could imagine like this:

function VSCodeServer.begin_cell()
   global starttime = time()
function VSCodeServer.end_cell()
  global starttime
  println("Cellrun took $(time()-starttime)")

Or is this possible any other way?

I would find it useful because this way I could have a better understanding of my code. I realise during development my run time just grew from 10 seconds to 1000 seconds, but I don’t know when did it happen from the last 3 months. :smiley: This way I could be more aware of the runtime of my project, so I could calculate with better. (It is just an idea, also interested about how would you do better than this.)