Are same packages cross-compatible with different Julia versions?

If I were to upgrade to Julia 1.0, would I need to reinstall all of my packages or could I copy the content of the packages folder into the new directory? Are the packages only compatible with the version that they were installed on?


It depends on the package – some will only work on specific Vesper releases while others may work across releases. In other situations, different versions of the same package will be installed depending on which release is involved. This is why you should always reinstall the packages you need on a later Julia release rather than trying to copy the packages directory(ies).

Also there are structural changes between earlier Julia releases and Julia v0.7/1.0.

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That is good to know. I just discovered that Pkg.install() lists all installed packages. Is there a slick way to reinstall all packages? If I download an incremental.release (say 1.00 to 1.01) I presume I’ll have to reinstall everything all over again.

No need to do this for an incremental release as the same package directory structure is maintained. It’s only with major releases (e.g. v0.6, v0.7, and v1.0) that this is required.

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