APS March Meeting Meetup


Hello everyone,

For anyone attending the APS March Meeting or in the LA area, would you like to get together for some casual conversation/meet&greet/catching up near the convention center on, say, Friday early afternoon? If folks are interested we can pick a nearby venue.


Definitely! Need to slink away for a 17:15 flight on the Friday though.


I’d show up at pretty much any time (outside of a session, obviously)


Does any body have any firmer suggestions?
Thursday evening looks fairly empty if people fancy a bar trip, otherwise I guess lowest effort is to come to @kslimes talk on Friday & have something informal after the end of that session?


That sounds great! I’m in Erlangen tough, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: DPG Spring Meeting, the European version of APS March Meeting.

Cheers from here to there!


Someone at DPG in Berlin? I’d be up for a meeting there.


HEY! I strongly object to people coming to my talk :p!

But I’d be happy to meet up right afterwards outside the session. I might have a prior commitment Thursday evening.


I am, I might also be interested in a meetup.


Looks like people want to do early Friday. I’ll drive up. Where to meet? Someone pick a spot.


Sessions are closing at 14:15 here. I need to get on a bus at 13:30, so will just go to @kslimes talk & then vanish!


PizzaRev - Koreatown
90232, 3150 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90005


I really wanted to come, but I caught a nasty bug, so I’m in bed with a fever :frowning:


Oh no! Get well soon! Sorry I can’t make it to pizza, everyone - the vicissitudes of March Meeting scheduling.