Chicago loop meetup?

Anyone up for a meetup? Loop location or Streeterville. Just a get together to see what we’re all up to and if we can help each other. I’m coming from Python and just finished my due diligence. Retired Silicon Valley and planning my next adventure.

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There’s a Chicago meetup, see #chicago-local on Slack ( I am in town right now so if there’s a meet up, would be great to attend!

You around next week? how about breakfast my treat? Normally I go to either Lou Michell’s or Pancake house on e bellevue. I’d like your opinion on how I would like to approach this and my reservations about approaches using slack et al.

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I’m in the Chicago Land areas but not downtown so I’m usually not free till after 5 pm but if we can get enough folks together, I’ll make the drive into the city!

Hi Logan
gotcha, lets see if anyone turns up to the thread. My offer of breakfast stands. I can’t do later in the day as I still have commitments in Atherton which start getting going post 11am. Have an excellent one.