Appearance of log axis in Plots

In Plots, using xaxis=:log, I get evenly spaced tick marks, like this:

However, in my case I would much prefer unevenly spaced tickmarks representing uniform intervals, as in this image generated with matplotlib:

Is it possible to achieve this?

I believe the plotlyjs backend does this by default

I agree, btw

I’m new to juila, so there might be good reasons against it, but from a user perspective I don’t think this should be backend dependent. There should be an option in the API to choose between them.

By the way, I posted this also on Stack Overflow, where someone has suggested a way to ‘roll my own’ tick marks. It’s not a satisfying solution in general, but it will work for now.

Having log scale lines is a really good visual way to alert the viewer that a plot is logarithmic.


I agree - it’s just a question of implementing it.