AOT Compiling? Performance Comparison

Hello Guys,

i want to make a Comparison between OOP and Functional Programming. For my Performance Part i wrote an Algorithm in C++ which can run on N threads. I want to write the same code (the logic behind) in Julia and compare the speed. I dont have the priviliges to install Julia i.e. on the Compute-Server i would do the Performance analyisis on, what is the best possible way to run Julia-Code on that Computer? Is there any way to compile Julia Code and run is just like an executable?
The C++ Code i just compiled on a Linux VM and then copied the executables to the Compute-Server and i was able to test the Performance that way.
The second Part of my Question is about Threadding in Julia. Are there any good Libraries i can use for that? I would love to have a Framework where i can just push “Jobs” to a Queue and set an amount of Workers so that i can easily test the Performance on diffrent amount of parallel Threads (72, 36, 16, 4, 2, 1).

Im new to Functional Programming and i just started learning. I appreciate every help, hint, … i can get.

Ty in advanced.

Edit:// So i so this Demo for Example About Threadding

But i dont know how good this solution would be for my usecase since i have no priviliges to install anything on the server, and there cant pass the Number of Threads parameter to Julia bevor running the programm JIT-Compiled

Hi and welcome to Julia
Installing Julia on Linux does not require special privileges just extract the generic Linux binaries in any folder you want and run it

Did you tried it?

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ah okay that works :slight_smile:

is there any way to set the number of threads dynamically within the code?

I guess not, the number of threads is fixed from the beginning.
But things are moving fast in this area… so maybe I’m wrong :sweat_smile: