Any One Know of A Julia Serverless Function/App Provider?

Hello Julia Devs! Does anyone know of really easy Julia Serverless Function providers and/or app providers (Genie.jl)?

If not, anyone interested in helping me build one? Maybe using open-faas? Thinking something as simple as the current solutions out there for Python, NodeJS, Go, etc.

One command essentially and launched. Auto scaling both horizontally and vertically. Think it could help the community substantially. I know I would use this for all my builds and would push to my clients if I had something as easy as firebase functions or Digitalocean App platform for Julia.

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Genie creator here. I looked into this a while ago. This is a good resource, check out the video: Running AWS Lambda functions with Julia | Tom Kwong - YouTube

Obviously, the elephant in the room is JIT compilation latency which in principle makes Julia unfit for serverless computing.

However, my recent experiments with PackageCompiler demonstrate considerable speed-ups for Julia/Genie apps, so Docker + PackageCompiler is a viable combo IMO.

Ping me if you’re interested to talk about this, you can find me on Genie’s Discord (you’ll find the link on


Hi Joe,

You can use to deploy serverless functions using any language packaged in Docker. You can also make step functions, so if you have DAGs of flows you need to run this should work.