Announcing the public beta of JuliaAcademy


Thanks - after trying to open it multiple times, it eventually worked (without having to clear the cookies). I suspect JuliaBox was under high load? Once loaded, I downloaded the notebook to run locally.

Also, in JuliaBox, I can now see a list of assignments from JuliaAcademy - can the notebooks be accessed through this UI as well?




Thanks everyone for trying this out and for all your feedback! We’ve quashed a number of bugs, so if you had trouble earlier please do give it another shot.

I’ll be contacting those of you interested in course creation directly. Domain-specific courses would definitely be great!

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Good stuff! Can we expect some pure statistics and econometrics oriented course à la QuantEcon ?


Registration via E-Mail does not work for me. I’ve tried twice already, but still haven’t received any e-mail with a link to click onto.


Thanks for the report — we’re looking into it!



Two bug reports:

  1. IN the machine learning course, the “representing data with models” module shows the video for “building models 1” instead of it’s own.

  2. Getting a 404 error (and now 504 Gateway Time-out) when trying to launch the interactive notebooks.

Chrome on windows 7



In the machine learning course, the “representing data with models” notebook, for me the “feedback” button doesn’t work: on Firefox, it opens a blank tab (with the url, and on Chrome, it opens the same tab but Chrome shows an error page (404).