Annotation for each row and column of subplots in layout, plot by column in layout, copy figure

(1) except annotate!(), is there any method to set the annotation for each row and column (as highlighted) in plot layout?

(2) And also any shortkey or quick way of copying the plot generated by Atom instead of going further as savefig() ?

(3) how to align subplots by column like
1 3 5
2 4 6

The answers to (1) and (2) are no, I believe, the answer to (3) is to use layouts

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For (1), one method might be to use linebreaks (\n) in the ylabel and title keywords using Plots:

using Plots, Plots.PlotMeasures
gr(size=(1200,800), xtickfontsize=13, ytickfontsize=13, xguidefontsize=16, yguidefontsize=20, legendfontsize=12, titlefontsize=20, dpi=100)
offsetlines = plot(rand(10), ylabel="top line \n \n \n bottom line", title="top line \n \n \n  bottom line", margin=10mm)
savefig(offsetlines, "offsetlines.png")

which produces the following:

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Do you mean by Adding Subplots incrementally?

using Plots
l = @layout [a c; b d] #doesn't make it arrange by column
    p1 = plot(rand(10), title="1")
    p2 = plot(rand(10), title="2")
    p3 = plot(rand(10), title="3")
    p4 = plot(rand(10), title="4")
    plot(p1, p2, p3, p4, layout = l)

    plot(p1, p3, p2, p4, layout = l) #instead this works

Whatever works I guess!