[ANN] SPICE.jl: A wrapper for NASA‘s SPICE toolkit

Hi y‘all,

Finally I am happy to announce the SPICE.jl wrapper for the SPICE toolkit which is provided by NASA’s Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility (NAIF) and provides functionality to read SPICE data files and compute derived observation geometry such as altitude, latitude/longitude and lighting angles (not to be confused with the analog circuit simulator of the same name).

SPICE.jl wraps most of the 500+ functions in the toolkit (apart from those already covered by the standard library or easy one-liners).

My thanks to all contributors and Andrew Annex whose Python wrapper SpiceyPy served as inspiration.



Awesome, this will be hugely useful. Thanks for putting in the effort to do this.

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I wonder if you could get this added here? The site manager is listed at the bottom of that page.

Good idea! I made an announcement on their mailing list as well. Let’s see what happens…


I have published SPICE.jl 0.2.0 which uses a fancy new CSPICE_jll package :tada:


awesome! How massive of an effort would it be to do a pure Julia SPICE?

An insane amount of effort :smile:

That said, I think that AstroBase.jl will cover a lot of the same ground that SPICE does once it’s done.

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