[ANN] Announcing SPICEApplications.jl

The SPICE Toolkit (provided to Julia through CSPICE_jll) provides applications, which are a subset of all the available utility functions provided by NAIF / NASA. One critical file is mkspk, which can turn CSV files into SPK kernel files for solar system ephemeris. I’m working on building tools that make the process of generating these files very simple. To do so, I’m linking existing tools within Julia. SPICEApplications.jl is one of the first steps! This package provides a Julia interface to all of the applications (executables) provided by CSPICE_jll.

Each executable has an accompanying Julia function, with commandline options re-named to be more Julian. Each docstring has a table that maps the new option names to the original commandline option names.

I’m definitely looking for feedback, and help with testing, so if anyone has experience using these executables as they are provided by NAIF / NASA, and would be willing to point me to publicly available test cases, please let me know!