[ANN] SPEFiles.jl a package to read Teledyne Princeton Instruments' Lightfield SPE Files

I am very happy to announce the release of SPEFiles.jl, a package to read Lightfield SPE files.

Lightfield is software that is used by spectroscopists to control spectrometers. SPEFiles.jl provides a pure Julia reader of them, with a Tables.jl interface which allows usage with DataFrames.jl. SPEFiles.jl handles simple one-dimensional spectra, as well as more complex multi-frames, multi-ROIs 2D spectra. It also allows reading commonly used metadata such as exposure.

An example of how to use it would be :

using SPEFiles, DataFrames, CairoMakie

file = SPEFile("myfile.spe")
df = DataFrame(file)

f, ax, l = lines(df.wavelength, df.count, 
        xlabel="Wavelength (nm)",
        title="My spectrum"),
        subtitle="Exposure : $(exposure(file)) ms"
save("myspectrum.png", f)

Contributions and sugestions are welcome !

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