[ANN] REPLference.jl: An elegant approach for locating names that can be called on objects

We are thrilled to announce the release of REPLference.jl, which was created in response to an ongoing thread. After months of development and testing, we are proud to present a package that solves the problem initially presented by the author in that thread. This will make it easier for beginners to learn and approach Julia.

It is worth noting that this package was not developed overnight. Instead, we undertook a rigorous and comprehensive process of testing every object with every name generated by the script that generates all documented names in the Julia programming language. This ensured that we created a package that is comprehensive and returns every name that can reasonably be called on an object.

However, we acknowledge that this is just the beginning and that we need the support of the wider community of experts and contributors to refine and optimize this package to meet the needs of beginners who are just starting with Julia. We welcome feedback and ideas from those interested in contributing to the continued improvement of this package.

Our ultimate goal is to provide an easy learning experience for beginners entering Julia, and with the help of the wider community, we are confident that we can achieve this. So, we invite you to download and try out this package and let us know how we can make it even better.