[ANN] PlotlySave: saving images from PlotlyBase without PlotlyJS


Package to implement PlotlyBase together with a save() function independently
of PlotlyJS.


PlotlySave reexports PlotlyBase so it is sufficient to do

using PlotlySave

p1 = Plot(scatter(x=1:10, y=2:11))
save("test.png", p1)


Kaleido has for long been a part of PlotlyBase but has recently been removed, due to non-availability on some platforms and due to extra loadtime (more information, e.g. here). In order not to interfere with the current version of PlotlyJS this package exports save from FileIO with inverted order of filename and plot compared to savefig. If you want to use old scripts with existing savefig() commands, you can import it via:

import PlotlySave.savefig