GitHub create gist

Not sure where the error is which is the reason why I ask here and not at GitHub.jl

I want to create a gist with:

using GitHub
gist_json = """
         "description": "Hello World Examples",
         "public": true,
         "files": {
           "hello_world.rb": {
             "content": "class HelloWorld\n   def initialize(name)\n      @name = name.capitalize\n   end\n   def sayHi\n      put
s \"Hello !\"\n   end\nend\n\nhello =\"World\")\nhello.sayHi"
           "": {
             "content": "class HelloWorld:\n\n    def __init__(self, name):\n = name.capitalize()\n       \n    def sayHi(self):\n        print \"Hello \" + + \"!\"\n\nhello = HelloWorld(\"world\")\nhello.sayHi()"
           "hello_world_ruby.txt": {
             "content": "Run `ruby hello_world.rb` to print Hello World"
           "hello_world_python.txt": {
             "content": "Run `python` to print Hello World"
create_gist(params=gist_json, auth=GitHub.authenticate("FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF"))

but I get the following error:

ERROR: Error found in GitHub reponse:
        Status Code: 404
        Message: Not Found
        Docs URL:

Is this a GitHub error or a GitHub.jl error or is the error on my site?

Okay looks like it’s GitHub at least I also can’t achieve this with postman :confused: