[ANN] MOID.jl and VSOP87.jl

Hello Julians. I like to announce two packages:

MOID.jl computes the Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance (MOID) for two given confocal, elliptical orbits, while VSOP87.jl is a wrapper to the Fortran implementation of the planetary solutions VSOP87 by Bretagnon & Francou. Actually both are wrapper to the Fortran implementations. They work for me (on Linux), but be aware that I didn’t tested them on other platforms and that I am still Julia novice.

I need them as ‘intermediate’ packages while re-writing some of my larger Fortran projects in Julia in order to evaluate the future use of Julia for all (or most) of my astrodynamical projects, which are implemented in Fortran + Python (+ Perl). But maybe someone of you find them useful until pure Julia implementation come up.

Cheers, Mike