[ANN] MetidaBioeq.jl - Bioequivalence estimation

Soon MetidaBioeq.jl will be in registry. This is a first release and it support only basic bioequivalence estimation in accordance with:

Package include method bioequivalence that create BE structure with dataset and check it, and method result that make estimation (with GLM, MixedModels or Metida).

Version 0.1.0 not support adaptive design and reference scaling (it can be done manually). Also not included post-hoc power calculation, CV estimation and type III table (ANOVA/F-test) estimation - this is goals for further updates.

Validation with reference datasets and integration with MetidaNCA also in plans.

After all basic features will be included automatic report module can be started.

See documentation. Don’t hesitate to make issues on github.


  • Julia ≥1.8+
  • MixedModels ≥4.11
  • GLM ≥1.8.2
  • Metida ≥0.14.6

To install just now from main brunch

import Pkg
Pkg.add(url = "https://github.com/PharmCat/MetidaBioeq.jl.git")
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Version 0.2.3 released.

Docs can be found here.


  • Parallel design
  • Cross-over design
  • High-order (replicate) designs

Validated with:

In plan:

  • Welch correction for parallel design
  • Reference scaled bioequivalence
  • Non-parametric test
  • CV-intra