[ANN] MetidaFreq.jl - Contingency tables and Meta-analysis

This package inspired by FreqTables and OpenMetaAnalyst base on R project.

MetidaFreq.jl is made to get contingency table from data or set of contingency tables. Then you can do meta-analysis for risk ratio, risk difference or odd ratio.

Fixed-effect model validated against OpenMetaAnalyst.

Random-effect model validated against OpenMetaAnalyst with limitation (only DerSimonian-Laird, Hedges - Olkin methods). Hartung and Makambi, Sidik and Jonkman, Maximum likelihood (ML) method, Restricted maximum likelihood (REML) method just realized from Veroniki et al. 2016.

Also you can get confidence intervals for risk ratio, risk difference or odd ratio.

To install:

import Pkg; Pkg.add(url = "https://github.com/PharmCat/MetidaFreq.jl.git")

Examples and API also provided.