[ANN] - MetaGraphs major changes coming

Hi all,

I just wanted to announce that we’ve released v0.6.5 of MetaGraphs, the LightGraphs-with-metadata package. This will be, hopefully, the final release of MetaGraphs before a fairly significant set of breaking changes.

The new changes can be tracked via PR #97. In short, metadata can now be type-stable, and the package will be much simpler to use.

We anticipate tagging v0.7.0 once the changes have been made. Please stay on v0.6.x until you can confirm that the new code works in your environment, and please report any issues via the tracker.


An experimental type stable fork of MetaGraphs is up. You can find it here, with examples in the documentation here . Test it out and let us know what you think!


This is really worthy of its own announcement. @bramtayl has done amazing work on this code and it deserves its own place.

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This sounds really nice, I’m looking forward to giving it a try.
I guess the changes proposed in MetaGraphsNext will go into MetaGraphs when they are more stable?

We will likely keep them separate packages and then eventually either deprecate MetaGraphs or switch over.