MetaGraphs.jl PR pending

Could someone please have a look at my PR from March ?

I am developing a side package that may be soon published and I wouldn’t want to have a dependency pointing to my fork…

Sorry for bringing my request here. I’ve already tried Zulip and Slack at times with no particular luck.

Side topic
Correct me if I am wrong but MetaGraphs.jl looks kind of inactive.
Some people already talk about MetaGraphsNext.jl being the natural successor of the previous one. It would be cool if we could agree that future efforts should focus on this package instead.
However I do believe that MetaGraphs.jl will continue to be relevant and thus should be in a degree maintained.


Hi there! Sorry for the lack of responses, the maintainers of the Graphs.jl ecosystem are all pretty busy at the moment, not an uncommon problem in open source work :wink: I’ll take a look