[ANN] Kroki.jl v1.0.0

It has been a while since an update (close to two years). This is partially due to there not being too much to add to the package as it’s primarily a wrapper around a service, but it also means that the API is quite stable hence the bump to v1.0.0.

A quick refresher, Kroki is a web service wrapping many text-to-diagram tools and exposing them over HTTP. The Kroki package is a Julia interface to this service making it easy to embed diagrams, such as those generated using Mermaid, PlantUML, and many more into documentation, Pluto notebooks, etc.

This release primarily fixes an issue with precompilation on Julia v1.10, fixes some output format support configuration, enables specifying the service version when locally running it, improved documentation regarding usage in CI, and, obviously, introduces macro support for some new diagram types (specifically D2 for generic diagrams, DBML for database schemas and structures, Symbolator for diagramming VHDL and Verilog, TikZ/PGF the popular TeX drawing language and WireViz for documenting wire layouts, etc.). For full details see the changelog.