[ANN] HTTP.jl 1.0 Release

We’re excited to announce the 1.0 release of the HTTP.jl package. A ton of effort has gone into overhauling large portions of the codebase over the past 9 months, accumulating a number of useful improvements along the way, along with a few breaking changes.

We’ve put together a handy guide for migration code to the 1.0 release; it includes what the breaking changes were, in addition to highlighting some of the big changes/improvements that can potentially make HTTP.jl users’ lives much easier. While you’re there, take a tour around the heavily updated package documentation!

The aim for HTTP.jl has always been to be the foundational package in the Julia ecosystem for web fundamentals (client requests, core server, websockets), and this is an important step forward to gain back that reputation and a commitment to better maintenance going forward.

As this is a major version release, it may take some time for (the several hundred!) dependents to update. I’m personally going to try and make efforts to update some larger packages, but am also available to help review PRs and chat about questions or issues people run into while upgrading (ping @quinnj on GitHub). Feel free to drop by the #web slack channel, or open a discussion as the HTTP.jl repo where we can figure things out.


-Jacob Quinn