ANN: Julia is participating in Docathon!

Docathon is a week-long event beginning Monday, 6 March 2017, for which people register as participants then improve documentation across a variety of open source projects. I’m pleased to announce that Julia has joined the party, alongside friends like Jupyter and Matplotlib, as a registered project.

I encourage anyone who’s interested to sign up as a Docathon participant and contribute remotely or attend a Docathon meetup in Berkeley, California, Seattle, Washington, or New York, New York. Of course you’re still welcome to contribute to documentation without registration just as you would normally, but events are fun!

Some links to help get you started as a Docathon participant:

The Julia project maintainers will be there to guide you along the way. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

To all participants, thanks and have fun!


As part of the docathlon, we’re going to test out some small changes to our usual procedures for doc-related pull requests:

  1. Taking advantage of the new GitHub feature, committers are encouraged to edit the pull requests directly, rather than request changes, especially for small things such as typos.

  2. As long as the pull request is an overall improvement, we will try to merge it quickly (within 24 hours or so) rather than letting it get bogged down in long discussions.

If you’re looking for places to start, we would love to have more doctests giving examples of use and known pitfalls.


I really like this idea. Thanks for giving it a try! I always attempt to avoid Base PRs because of the idea that I would have to baby it for longer than I’d hope, but this gets rid of my apprehension.