[ANN] Improved Appveyor scripts


I have created some improved Appveyor scripts to make it easier to use, and hopefully make it more robust. Please see

As always, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Appveyor magic changed?

Is there a way to set only the nightly to not run 32-bit tests? I like to run 32-bit on versions which are supposed to pass and set allow failure for nightly, and not run 32-bit nightly just to cut back on the CI load.


I think the following should work:

    - platform: x64
      julia_version: latest
    - platform: x86
      julia_version: latest

Based on https://www.appveyor.com/docs/build-configuration/#exclude-configuration-from-the-matrix


This is great and everyone should switch to it imo. No need for @staticfloat to make PRs to every julia repo in existence as soon as a URL change heh.