[ANN] GMAT.jl: Run NASA's General Mission Analysis Tool from Julia

Hi folks,

I want to announce another small but exciting package:

This package allows you to run scripts written for NASA’s General Mission Analysis Tool from the convenience of your Julia REPL.
While this is accomplished through a single function (run_script), the important feature is that the package is based on GMAT_jll which is cross-compiled for all supported platforms through the magic of BinaryBuilder.jl.

The long-term plan is to use CxxWrap.jl to make more of GMAT’s functionality available directly from Julia so that nobody is forced to use GMAT’s funky scripting language anymore :laughing:


I didn’t know this organization existed. Does it come from the SatelliteToolbox org?

I just added it to About the Astro/Space category.

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It is a joint venture of @Ronis_BR and myself at the moment, i.e. a merger of the JuliaAstrodynamics and SatelliteToolbox orgs.

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