ANN: Erdos.jl


Erdos.jl is a graph library derived from LightGraphs.jl, with some functional and design changes. Enjoy!



These changes look like it’s just a fork of LightGraphs for staging a PR… why couldn’t this just be incorporated into LightGraphs?


I’ve done a lot of contributions to LightGraphs, and I would have liked to
change some design choices, as in, but I was vetoed
by the maintainer. At a certain point I decided to work freely on the
changes I wanted to do, and as time passed and changes accumulated I felt
it was worth publishing them as a separate package


Funnily enough, I recently talked to Seth about abstracting like this (and using traits in the abstraction) and he said it’s planned for LG 1.0.


The community would definitely benefit more with you contributing to LG instead of forking a new project :slight_smile: Conflicts will always exist, but with more contributors, decisions become more flexible and more amenable to discussion before rejection.

We are moving towards abstractions as @ChrisRackauckas pointed out, I just regex-replaced all the SimpleGraph to an abstract type AbstractGraph as a very initial step to show you that this is a concrete direction: