[ANN] Multigraphs.jl - A multigraph extension for LightGraphs.jl

I’m happy to announce this great work done by Chen Zhao. It implements multi-graph based on LightGraph.

This is part of the infrastructure we built towards a zx-calculus based compiler for quantum circuits. But we also hope it would help other Julian in the community.

Please feel free to give us comments and feedbacks!



Cool project! It will be interested for LG to get feedback on your usage of the interface, what points were hard to get from the doc etc.
LightGraphs and JuliaGraphs packages are still the biggest implementers of the AbstractGraph API and it will be nice to understand what worked well or less :slight_smile:

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Thanks! LG stack works great so far for us. And it’s quite simple and intuitive to use.


This is really nice praise. Thank you for letting us know about your project.

If you run into any LG-related issues, please feel free to get in touch via Slack, Discourse, or Github.

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I’m so excited to experiment with this. Thanks for doing this!

Nice, thanks for your work!

Are there plans to integrate this with MetaGraphs.jl? I think it would be really neat to be able to give parallel/multi-edges different meta information. (At least for me, it would be exactly what I need at the moment :smiley:)

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I think eventually since we will need to plot our IR, so yes. But not anytime soon since we just started working on this, but it’d be cool if anyone want to work on this at the moment!



We are considering about it. It will make things succincter, also including what we need.