[ANN] Casacore.jl - routines for radio astronomy

I’m excited to announce the first public release of Casacore.jl - a high-level Julia wrapper for the popular C++ (radio) astronomy package Casacore.

This first release of Casacore.jl focuses on exposing Casacore.Tables (used to read/write radio data) and the Casacore.Measures (used for coordinate and measurement conversions based on ephemeris data).

Please see the README for examples of usage.

There has been previous work to expose Casacore (notably here), however this is the first version to use CxxWrap to expose the underlying C++ objects and methods, and should make a good base to continue to build an easy to use and performant wrapper of Casacore.

Feedback is very welcome. Casacore.jl is under active development and the API is still subject to change based on early feedback.