[ANN] AutomationLabs.jl

Hi everyone,

I have released the package AutomationLabs.jl and subpackages AutomationLabsIdentification.jl, AutomationLabsModelPredictiveControl.jl and AutomationLabsDepot.jl. See AutomationLabs github page for details.

The package makes it easy to tune different kinds of blackbox model from data, and tune a model predictive control, summary at a glance is :
• Store, manage and plot data.
• Tune blackbox or greybox models for dynamical system identification.
• A large choice of models and optimization.
• Tune a Model Predictive Control.

As usual, please share your view in the comments.

Furthermore, I am looking for use cases such as model identification from data, and tuning a model predictive control with the model, if you have one you can share it, thanks.

Thanks for reading and for all the feedback,