Animation Problem

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I would like to create a little game in which there would be some animation. To do this I would like to use Luxor. On the Luxor website there is a sample code but the problem is that it doesn’t run when I put it in Pluto (see picture below).
Could you please help me?

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Just spotted this…

Your code works OK for me.

If you have Pluto errors, you can look in the terminal for some clues. But I think the way Pluto works can be surprising - I find I have to go back and evaluate other cells so that everything gets back in sync - it can be confusing sometimes …

Thank you !

But now I have “IOError: could not spawn…”
And there is no clue in the terminal. Do you have any idea what’s wrong ?

What’s the full error message? Perhaps you don’t have ffmpeg on your machine…

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Indeed, well done !
The message begins like this: "`ffmpeg -loglevel panic -framerate 30 -f image2 -i "

indeed, that’s the OS command that creates the animation from the individual PNG images.

Is there a special procedure to install it or is simply downloading it enough ?

Unfortunately Luxor doesn’t use the FFMPEG Julia package†, so it’s something you do at OS level.

† It’s too old - needs a makeover :grinning:

Oh yes, I agree😁
I’m sorry to bother you with this, but how do I go about fixing this problem with the OS ?

Well, I’m not sure that I would describe it as a problem with the OS… What you want to do is to check the presence or absence of some other software (ffmpeg), and - if necessary - install said software. This depends very much on what your OS is, and your level of expertise.

I’ve just added the FFMPEG dependency to the current development version of Luxor.jl. If you access the new master version of the package it might work better for you. Perhaps you could take any problems to Github, so we can thrash out any further issues there…

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