Alternatives to ZMQ for 32bit to 64bit library interface



I need to call a 32bit library from Julia. However, I need to run Julia as a 64bit process (to call several other libraries). I cannot (AFAIK) ccall a 32bit binary from 64bit Julia.

One solution I have is to write a C++ wrapper library that provides a ZMQ server interface to the 32bit library, which I can then call from Julia.

Is that a good approach? Does anyone have a better idea on how to deal with this?

I’m on Windows 10 if it matters, and the 32bit library is a binary dll supplied by a now defunct hardware company.


ftfy :slight_smile:

yes, this is a good strategy


The other advantage of ZMQ in some form is it could be controlled across network or from another OS when the host computer inevitably becomes a non-upgradeable, single-purpose zombie hulk in the corner (that is, until your IT folk decide it needs to live in its own private firewall).

For the sake of completeness, it’s also possible to do mixed bitness IPC via DCOM (with a 32-bit COM server wrapper around the DLL).