Alternativa to softmax?

alternativa to softmax?

Would you suggest it?

I don’t like softmax since softmax(const * x) != softmax (x) .
For instance softmax([0,0.2,0.05]) = [0.3,0.37,0.32], so I can’t interpretare it as probability at all, bacuse value zero gives 0.3.

Thank you in advance
P.S. I use prob(x_i) = x_i/sum(x_i) right now, it better fit my need.

yeah well. You are saying softmax doesn’t respect the scale.

What r u using it for? For loss function in nn your prob will have issues if x_i is negative which softmax handles well.

Anyway, it’s not clear what u r using softmax or prob for.

Overall the question is very vague.