Adding standard library packages to manifest file for getting autocompletion is redundant

The fact that we have to add the standard library packages to get code autocompletion seems quite redundant!

For instance, in Python, when you import something from the standard library, you get the autocompletion on the fly.

The way things are headed, you probably should think of the “standard library” of just a set of ordinary packages that happen to be in the Julia depot by default.


Can you clarify what you mean by “code autocompletion”?

If you want to get completions/intellisense for stdlibs in VS Code, then you need to have these stdlibs in the environment. This is consistent with being able to actually use stdlibs in a package though, so I don’t see the issue.

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I also think it’s always been this way, no? You can’t use a package whether it’s a stdlib or not, unless you pkg add it to your project. So completing it would just allow writing code that will immediately fail, which seems counterintuitive.

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I think standard libraries should be excluded from this paradigm. Why are they called standard if I have to add them at the start of every project? They are called standard because they are bundled with Julia and they should be ready to go (Autocompletion included)!

Let me put it another way. If you can bear declaring exactly what you need, we will be able to minimize the deployment size of the produced executable in the near future. I realize that is not everyone’s goal, but it allows for flexibility in the future.

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That’s a fine opinion but it’s never been like that. Moreover, if that had been the case then we wouldn’t be able to make existing stdlibs upgradeable the way we currently are starting to do.