Add Probabilistic Programming Domain

as the Probabilistic Programming Languages (PPL) field in Julia seems to grow more and more, with lots of interesting packages and approaches it might be a good time to add a Probabilistic Programming Domain to This would allow people working on PPLs to connect better and users of PPLs to find a place where they can ask questions and find archived answers.

What do the admins think about this?

cc: @yebai @Kai_Xu @willtebbutt @cscherrer @Elrod


Not an admin but just want to say that I think that’s a great idea. :pray:


i can’t create domains, i can create tags. but probabilistic-programming seems too long for discourse to create. This can be a good subdomain of the “Domains” Domain

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Correct, I was talking about creating a sub-domain under Domains on Similar to the Machine Learning sub-domain it would be nice to have a Probabilistic Programming sub-domain.

Do Tags also have to be added by admins or can we do this as the community?


Tags can be manipulated by Regulars, which is a title granted to users who meet certain requirements on Discourse (I think it’s a certain amount of activity over some period).

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Here we go!


Thanks a lot!