Add DICOMTree.jl to JuliaHealth organisation?

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Continuing the discussion from [ANN] DICOMTree.jl:

fdekerme/DICOMTree.jl: A small Julia tool for visualizing DICOM metadata. (

I have recently published a new DICOMTree package which has just been merged with the general repositiry.
Do you think it would be possible to add it to the JuliaHealth organization?

Thanks !

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I can help with that @fdekerme – tell me your GitHub username and I can add you to the organization and help you transfer the package to the organization.

You’ll still have all permissions for the package and the ability to pull out the package from JuliaHealth if needed. :smiley:


Happy to announce this is now a package that is proudly sitting within the JuliaHealth ecosystem! If you work with DICOM data, give it a look here: GitHub - JuliaHealth/DICOMTree.jl: A small Julia tool for visualizing DICOM metadata.

Thanks @fdekerme ! :smiley: