Announcing the JuliaHealth organization


I’m pleased to announce the creation of the JuliaHealth organization, an organization for anyone working on using Julia in medicine, health care, public health, biomedical research, biomedical informatics, etc.

All are welcome.


If you are interested in JuliaHealth, you may also be interested in the BioJulia organization. Our friends and colleagues in BioJulia are using Julia in biology, bioinformatics, computational biology, etc. Check out their website and visit them on GitHub.

Discourse subcategory for Biology, Health, and Medicine

We have broadened the existing “Biology” category on Discourse and have renamed it to “Biology, Health, and Medicine.” Check it out:

List of organizations related to biology, health, and medicine

I am making a list of organizations that focus mainly on developing and maintaining open-source Julia packages related to the life sciences and health sciences. Check out the list here, and feel free to add to the list by making a pull request.


We now have a Zulip stream: #biology-health-and-medicine