Add ability to undo text formatting

I’m new to the forum, and I’m very impressed by how beautifully the site is designed. However, I often want the ability to undo text formatting after I’ve applied it.

When Undo is desired: I frequently highlight a selection of text I’m composing, and then I want to press the B or I buttons to see if the selection looks better in boldface or italics. But after applying any formatting, Ctrl+Z has no effect. It’d be great to add some way to undo text formatting.

You can toggle between the states using the same button/hotkey you used to format in the first place.


Oh that’s it! Thank you @fredrikekre!

Oh, I spoke too soon. Try highlighting a word in the middle of a paragraph, then click the Blockquote button, then Undo.

This is an upstream issue, that unfortunately looks like it hit a deadend:

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Wow, okay, thanks for tracking that down, @mbauman!