A Roadmap for Beginners: Embedded Systems and Control Theory

hi everyone, hope you’re dong well.
As far as I could catch, I suppose Julia is quiet fitted for embedded applications and implementing algorithms with high computational burden and limited available memory space . I’m looking for a roadmap for beginners to have an overview and to know what steps are needed for learning Julia alongside these purposes.
I’m already studying control engineering and familiar with MATLAB as it is widely used in the major and I know that C and Python are the most used programming languages for implementation. so, Julia, with the hindsight that provides a sort of combination of mentioned languages, seems interesting.

1. implementing complex (linear and non-linear) control and system identification algorithms
2. implementing AI and data-driven based algorithms
3. implementing real-time scenarios

1. Robotics
2. auto-driven vehicles
3. Multi-agent and swarm robotics
4. Signal processing

The roadmap should contain:
1. Basic concepts of Julia
2. Courses on related packages
3. examples and real projects for training

Best regards

@baggepinnen has been doing a training series on this topic over the last few months. Check out the video training series here:

The embedded part isn’t in there yet, but we will share more as more is completed in the JuliaSim control library.



A road map quite like what you’re asking for has not been developed, but here are some resources that might help you get started: