A pydoc but for julia?


In python I have the handy pydoc executable to show me documentation on the fly (without needing lsp, but via a few vimscript functions handling import aliases still automatic). Is there something similar to pydoc for julia, or else someway to mimic this via a julia -e call? (I’ve searched/ experimented but to no avail)

Many thanks,


I’m not clear on the requirements but maybe this can work as a starting point:

$ julia -E '@doc ispath'
ispath(path) -> Bool

Return `true` if a valid filesystem entity exists at `path`, otherwise returns `false`. This is the generalization of [`isfile`](@ref), [`isdir`](@ref) etc.

Perfect, just what I was looking for - many thanks for your help

This is what julia-vim does too, see: julia-vim/doc.vim at fca7e3e59e6f9417d3fd77bac50d4b820a3e8bc4 · JuliaEditorSupport/julia-vim · GitHub