A Plea For Compat(ability)


There are many breaking changes going into master on a daily (almost hourly) basis (I’m not against that at all, I actually hope some more time is spent to make these breaking changes before it is considered really to late to fix remaining inconsistencies).
My issue is just that many changes have been going in without corresponding changes to Compat, which makes life very difficult for people trying to get packages in line with master.
Even when PRs are made to Compat.jl to address some of these breaking changes, many have not been merged yet (I’m looking at you #474 and #457! :grinning: )

It would be nice if people could make a PR for Compat.jl that would get merged at the same time as any breaking changes, instead of weeks later.


btw: if you’re waiting for something to merge, it might make sense to do
and work with local branches.


I’m doing so, but that doesn’t help anyone else who is depending on frequently used packages such as JSON.jl