A maintained list of Julia’s code and resources

Hi! Can someone recommend a maintained list of Julia’s code and resources? I am talking about something like what Rust users have here GitHub - rust-unofficial/awesome-rust: A curated list of Rust code and resources.. I found one (GitHub - greister/Awesome-Julia), but it has been abandoned.

Nowadays the best place to find Julia packages is

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I would be interested in a list of tutorials too. So far, I’ve only found tutorials in the documentation of each package.

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Well, I would prefer this link for packages: JuliaHub
and this for tutorials: Tutorials


I feel like I saw an updated extensive maintained Julia package list recently, but by extensively Googling I couldn’t find it, only the one you have. This was at one point the main list, and it may still be useful:

I may have just seen a list like this one, and people wanting similar/and linking to it for Julia (or I dreamt a similar Julia list):

There is this up-to-date multi-language list with a Julia section, and note you can use e.g. libraries from Python, or from R (e.g. from the list above):

And since you’re new here, this post of mine, or rather the answers I got may be of help to you:

[What I mentioned there, JuliaPro, it no longer exists, but the list of packages it included should be available somewhere.]

It lead to this follow-up:


I think the answer is this doesn’t exist. Your best bet is to search here on Discourse for specific topics in the hope to find something like this:

but this isn’t very widespread. Another avenue is GitHub organizations, but again this is topic dependent. I agree with Julio that in most cases your best bet is probably sticking a few keywords into JuliaHub and see what comes up for code and doc search - at least there it’s relatively easy to see how popular/well maintained (based on GitHub stars/commits) packages are.

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