Update Awesome Julia list

I recently was checking if there is something like “Awesome X” github lists for Julia, found only these two:

Both are outdated, incomplete and probably should be merged. I am a newbie in Julia programming, just want to point out searching “Awesome X” became a popular dive into a new language for a skilled people who wants to learn it in the most modern and efficient way.

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I terms of actual information the latter is definitely out of date in some places, but does appear to be actively maintained. You may want to take a look at https://juliaobserver.com/packages for package specific resources.

In all honesty, my experience with “awesome X” lists has been that they’re great for a first dive but they are all outdated. It’s just not realistic for a single person to be able to manage the shear number of changes and content for a general purpose programming language (even if they just manage pull requests all day). I believe this exact problem has been addressed elsewhere (i.e. how to create and curate a maintainable resource of this stuff).

It may be worth looking at https://juliacomputing.com/blog/2019/02/13/JuliaTeam-Vision.html to get an idea of what’s being worked on. Many of the objectives of an “awesome X” list should be fulfilled by the ‘documentation’ and ‘search’ categories.

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