3 Julia Packages need a new home

I’m looking to transfer ownership of three Julia package GitHub repositories. I have not written any Julia in a couple years and have no desire to continue to maintain them. Please let me know if you are interested in taking ownership of any of the following packages:
Pcap - https://github.com/zznop/Pcap.jl
ConfParser - https://github.com/zznop/ConfParser.jl
HexEdit - https://github.com/zznop/HexEdit.jl

I could take them, we are using ConfParser where I work, so I already know that code.
Probably just put them in JuliaString.org


Excellent. I sent you ownership transfer requests on GitHub for Pcap.jl and HexEdit.jl. I attempted to send you a transfer request for ConfParser.jl but it says it already exists under your namespace (from a fork). For ConfParser.jl I’m sure you can go ahead and submit a PR to METADATA.jl to update the URL to your account, at which point I’ll remove my ConfParser.jl repository. Otherwise, if you delete your ConfParser.jl repository, I’ll send another transfer request. (I’m not sure if Github does redirects for project transfers).

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Just transfer that last one to JuliaString (not JuliaStrings!)

Ah ok, can do as soon as I get to a computer. I transferred the other 2 packages to ScottPJones lol. I seen a couple other Julia repos so I assumed it was you.

ScottPJones is me, but JuliaString is the organization that I created, to host string related packages.
I’ll just move them over to JuliaString myself, after I get back from JuliaCon, and have a chance to make sure they are all running under v1.0, and update the README files with badges etc, make sure they have coverage, etc.
(I’d like to keep a high level of quality! :grinning: )

GitHub won’t allow me to transfer to JuliaString - “You don’t have the permission to create repositories on JuliaString” (likely because it’s an organization, not a user). I tried to send a transfer request to ScottPJones, but you already have it forked. Unless you know of some other way, you’ll need to delete ConfParser.jl from ScottPJones, at which point I can transfer it to your user account, and then you can add it to JuliaString.

These are all imfile format and I/O packages. Wouldn’t it make more sense to host them under JuliaIO? If that makes sense to you, I’ll arrange for permissions to make the transfer.

I agree that JuliaIO is a better fit. Let me know when I have permissions (or where you’d like them transferred to).

Looking at the other packages in JuliaIO, yes, it does seem a better match (although I do wonder what IO has to do with parsing text)