Does Julia support other git repos, like BitBucket?



Most packages are hosted in Github. Does julia support other cloud repos, like bitbucket for example?

If I use bitbucket, how would I:

  1. Create a Julia package and host it on BitBucket.
  2. Install the package from bitbucket.
  3. Make changes to the package source from an installed version and push them to the bitbucket repo.


Yes, bitbucket (or any other public git host) should be fine. The only difference would be that when you publish your package by submitting a PR to the url will point to your bitbucket repo.

In fact, you can probably just:


How can I do this last step?

Update. Nevermind, I figured it out ( It’s working great. Thanks.


Bitbucket has all lowercase repo names, so you’ll need to do, e.g.: Pkg.clone("", "LMesh"). I don’t know whether METADATA can do this automatically.


Now I am trying to set up automatic testing, take a look