Zygote -- include("utils.jl");


I suspect that the question as follows is most likely trivial and I don’t know if I’m in the right category.

I am following Mike Innes’ manual in an attempt to learn how Zygote works inside Flux.
At the beginning of the section where he discusses Wengert lists, there is an instruction:


However, I don’t see which “utils.jl” it is (this file should be in my working directory so I can continue ).
Any help? :relaxed:

Probably this one:

Did you clone the whole repository?

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Thanks to you, Mark!

Indeed the utils.jl file is located on MikeInnes/diff-zoo/blob/master/src/utils.jl
I cloned the file in $HOME/.julia/Zygote/utils.jl


And all runs perfectly after

julia> ]
(aquarelle) pkg> add InteractiveUtils
(aquarelle) pkg> add SpecialFunctions

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Start a new post.

Done: here

Thanks for your suggestion, Mark.