Zurich Meetup 13 June: Intro to Julia (talk + hands-on)

We have a meetup next week in Zurich, where I give a talk and hands-on intro to Julia:

(make sure you read the instructions before coming)

I suspect this might be less interesting to people on this forum as most are Julia users already. But if you are new-ish, there will be some interesting bits.

PS: it looks like this will be our most popular meetup to date with already 9 people signed up. Record thus far was six, I believe.


Maybe of (local) interest: we have offered Julia courses at unisg.ch since 2016. Around 25 students each autumn taking a 12x2 hour class.

Nice notebooks (very elegant C integration example :wink: )
Good luck

Yes, they are well made, by JuliaComputing. There are youtube tutorials in which @xorJane walks through them.

I had no idea (you should do a PR against https://github.com/JuliaLang/www.julialang.org/edit/master/teaching/index.md). Well, none seem to make it across to our meetups in Zurich. If one of your students ends up doing a cool Julia project, maybe you can encourage them to get in touch with me to present it at the meetup.

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