Zurich, 7 June: Failure analysis with the Weibull distribution (& poll)

Stefan Schelm (@sschelm) will talk about (on 7 June at 19:00):
“The Weibull distribution is a common tool for failure and lifetime analysis. This talk will present the basics about this approach, some general observations and some applications. From a Julia perspective, the packages of interest will be Distributions.jl, Plots.jl and probably GLM.jl.”

Additionally: please bring along code snippets, question, etc. which you want to discuss. We will probably also briefly look some features of Julia-0.7-alpha , which by then will hopefully be in alpha.

We also put together a poll to figure out what topics would make more people attend our meetups: https://www.meetup.com/Zurich-Julia-User-Group/polls/1266309/ If you are interested in attending but can’t be bothered with meetup.com, you can personal-message me with answers to the poll (or other suggestions).